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The Startup Executers Develop A Startup Of Their Own (InstaFile)

Everybody around the startup scene knows that building a startup can be hectic to say the least. Not only is there tons of things to take care of, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty that you have to fight through. Sometimes this can feel like you’re driving blind, but we have found it’s the ability to navigate through this uncertainty and create value is what motivates entrepreneurs. At CodePainters we have been helping startups in all stages build and grow for the past year and it has been a tremendous experience. This has allowed us to bring the collective knowledge and help maximize the potential of startups to their next milestone. During this process of helping startups we have created a ton of presentations, word documents, designs, and and digital assets of all sorts but we kept running into organization problems. Due the nature of our business, efficiency is probably the most important trait that we employ. So spending so much time managing these digital assets constantly frustrated us. We use the flashiest existing technologies such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, and even Git to find the most efficient way but none of those increased our speed. Now, keeping all these documents synced across all our devices was a solved problem thanks to Dropbox, but organizing quickly and accessing them at the speed of thought was impossible. Problem no.1: Every time we needed to access a file, we open Finder, navigate to the designated client folder, then try to locate the file, sometimes taking us quite a bit of pause to locate it. By the time we located it, now we had to recollect our thoughts about why we were even trying to access it in the first place on top of the 10 other pieces of information we were juggling. This was tremendously painful and frustrating. Problem no.2: Everybody had a workflow and they didn’t always match. Which means everybody wants to organize their own way, but with today’s cloud services, that not possible. We all share a folder, and changes one person makes affects us all. Problem 3: Keeping track of changes from multiple people was a nightmare, unless we used Google Docs. But that’s not always the case. When excel, powerpoint, or photoshop is used, 1 folder structure was the best we had. Then we also had to create flows for moving files in certain folders as it progressed from one stage to another. Why isn’t this automated today? At first we tried to create a system out of existing tools and build the most efficient system possible, but it wasn’t enough. With time our frustration grew and we decided it was time we innovated upon the concept of file management. From this frustration InstaFile was born. InstaFile is a file management tool that allows you to organize, navigate, sync, and share files at the speed of thought. It eliminates all the clutter of a file system, and focus on organizing your digital assets whether they are photos, videos, presentations, documents, or any other file. A long awaited re-invention of the file system now happening thanks to InstaFile. We are honored to have this opportunity and determined to bring a brand new experience to the boring old concept of Files! * We are currently looking for private beta testers and collecting use cases to make sure we build the most efficient system possible. If you are a user of Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box and would be interested in allowing us to pick your brain for a couple of minutes, please email us at and we’d love to get in touch with you!

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