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We build products to eliminate pain. Check out some painkillers.

DoubleFisted POS Launching May 2014


A Re-Engineered Point-Of-Sale For Creative Restaurants

An innovative POS system for restaurant management. Reliable, Simple, and Fast with awesome customer service.



The Easiest Way To Manage Your Files!

A revolutionary file browser that will automate your file organization, help you discover your files faster, and simplify syncing and sharing with people!



Real-time pictures on demand

Have you ever wondered how the park, downtown, or your favorite bar is looking like before taking a drive to you destination. Snap! is designed to be a on-demand, location based, and real-time image sharing platform so you never have to wonder again!


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Invoice Portal & Tracking For Your Clients

A transparency platform for your clients to keep track of their invoices. Status of invoices with easy online pay options.


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Creative Writing Platform For Teachers & Students

Scriptio combines collaboration and competition to create stories in a way that is both, fun and extremely productive.

Sponsored Startups



Continuum is a National Day of Civic Hacking project, dedicated to helping alleviate the problems of homelessness.

We plan on launching in the first quarter of 2014, targeting shelters in St. Louis. We are a team of developers, designers, and businesspeople, all convinced that we can ease the problem of homelessness in our community.

Client Products



The Best Videos from Students and Teachers Everywhere

SchoolTube.com is the nation's largest K-12 moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators - exclusively endorsed by over twenty national education associations.



Spinning . Core . Cross-Training

RevXStudios™ puts you in the best physical conditioning of your life, at your pace. We were built specifically as the first fitness studio in Central New Jersey to provide two of the hottest and most effective workouts in about an hour – Spinning®, indoor group cycling, along with TRX® for balanced strength and conditioning. We have fun but challenging group classes in an upscale environment.

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We work with mission oriented and passionate organizations that strive to solve a problem. We are down to earth people who enjoy making things. We love our craft and execute with extreme passion and professionalism. We will strive to build with high quality and help you reach your next milestone.

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